Your Ruby Off Rails Path


Name Tags
Ruby Newbie: Hello World! rvm, rbenv, terminal Watch
Recipe Hash Struct, Hash Watch
Blocks: Review rspec, ruby Watch
Introduction to Test Driven Design (TDD) minitest, rspec, tdd Watch
TDD: Mocks and Messages MiniTest, mocks, rspec Watch
Testing 3 Ways (RSpec, MiniTest, Test::Unit) minitest, rspec, testunit Watch
Creating Websites with Sinatra heroku, sinatra, bootstrap Watch
Watchman (Database) postgres, activerecord Watch
Choose your own Adventure Watch
Blackjack rspec, tdd, games Watch
MovieJSON Wrapper json, movie, api Watch
Traveling SalesPerson nokogiri, geocoding Watch
Gems gem, library Watch
Metaprogramming Terminators RSpec, meta, eval Watch
JSON and Testing Sinatra sinatra, api, json Watch

Extra Credit Videos

Name Tags
Cucumber and Behavior Driven Design cucumber, bdd Watch
Importing CSV in Ruby csv, web Watch
Pandas, Lions, and Zookeepers RSpec, BDD, TDD Watch
SuperFight RSpec, Mocking Watch


Ruby Off Rails is dedicated to accelerating the mastering of Ruby and increasing developer happiness everywhere.

In my software training, I see two distinct sets of programmers: those who know Ruby, and those who haven’t learned it yet. People who learn Ruby have an easier time understanding Rails, gems, and what magic voodoo is going on. And most importantly, they can cast wicked voodoo themselves.