Pandas, Lions, and Zookeepers

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Episode 1 - Lions, Pandas and Zookeepers

An accurate simulation of zookeepers feeding Lions and Pandas

Panda Level

  1. Create a human that likes bacon and tacos, but not bamboo
  2. (Using TDD [write tests first])

Tiger Level

  1. Create a FoodBarge that can be called like:
  2. Test that when the zookeepers gets food for the panda, the panda will eat it
food = foodbarge.food_for(panda)

Eagle Level

  1. Extract Food into a class, rather than a symbol
  2. Create separate Tacos, Wildebeests, etc classes for each food
  3. Rather than comparing, implement the == method so you can do ==

Copyright: Jesse Wolgamott, MIT License (See LICENSE)

Pandas, Lions, and Zookeepers

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    RSpec BDD TDD  

Create interactions between objects as the Zookeeper must figure out what the Pandas and Lions like to eat!

Use mocking, stubbing, and TDD to determine what is correct.

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