JSON and Testing Sinatra

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Episode 11 -- JSON

Return JSON (tested) in Sinatra and Rabl

Panda Level

  1. Add an attribute named :execution_time to the LogRequest
  2. Make sure to test that it is included in the JSON result

Tiger Level

  1. Implement a post "/" that will log the request
  2. Receive JSON on the post and insert the record into the in-memory store
  3. Write a test that confirms that you can post a log entry and read it back on a subsequent call

Eagle Level

  1. Implement a user scheme, where a User object has a unique code
  2. If I pass in the "code" as a parameter to get "/", then it only returns my logs
  3. Make the code be required on the post. Return a 401 error code if it is not present

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JSON and Testing Sinatra

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We'll return JSON from a sinatra app --- otherwise known as a web API! yay! In addition, it sets up a small monitoring app where you can accept logs from a bunch of different servers.

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