Testing 3 Ways (RSpec, MiniTest, Test::Unit)

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Episode 12 - Tests 3 Ways (RSpec, MiniTest, Test::Unit)

TDD two clases, three ways. Compare RSpec, MiniTest, and Test::Unit

Note I added a rakefile that you can run all tests (rspec and MiniTest/TestUnit) by "bundle exec rake"

Panda Level

  1. In the MiniTest folder, write a test asserting that the Admiral does have a battleship
  2. In the MiniTest folder, change the ammunition from 100 to 10, and assert that's the starting point for a battleship

Tiger Level

  1. Use the MiniTest Should syntax to confirm that the Battleship can request more ammunition
  2. TDD in whichever syntax you like that the Battleship can recevie more ammunition

Eagle Level

  1. When the battleship fires, it should return a hit or a miss
  2. Create a separate class "Fate" that will determine if the hit is a miss or a hit
  3. Fate should impement a rand() to decide if it was a hit or not
  4. You should stub/mock out the Fate call to test what happens if it hits or misses

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Testing 3 Ways (RSpec, MiniTest, Test::Unit)

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This week is a short video -- about 30 minutes long … if you've ever wondered the difference between TestUnit, MiniTest, and RSpec --- watch this week's videos!

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