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Episode1 Summer 2012- BlackJack

A Casino game. No gambling, just skill!

Panda Level

  1. Play the game by running this code:
require "./blackjack"
game =
  1. Change the Card's to_s to show "QH" instead of queen-hearts". And "5H" instead of 5-hearts

Tiger Level

  1. Complete the Panda assignment
  2. If a player busts (goes over 21), the game should #standfor the player

Eagle Level

  1. The dealer hand should not not show both cards until the player has stood (It should be like "XX", "5H")

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    Ruby, RSpec  
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    rspec tdd games  

We're starting the course off with a well-known game: Blackjack. It's a simple'ish game: 2 cards for the Dealer, 2 cards for the User with the option for more cards, if closest to 21 without going over wins. Of course, if you play blackjack, you know there's more too it then that.

A number of you haven't written any tests before, so it may come as somewhat of a shock. Here's one reason I think Ruby has such a test driven culture:

Ruby doesn't have static typing, and the code can twist itself and change itself at run-time. So, the only way to guarantee that code is going to stay correct today and in the future is to write tests that check for behavior and correctness. A well crafted and full test-suite is a thing of beauty. It holds you safe at night and makes the hard to comprehend comprehendible.

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