Introduction to Test Driven Design (TDD)

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Furlong: a Miles to Kilometer Conversion

Simple Miles to KM conversion; in both RSpec and MiniTest

Your Assignment


  • Add a furlong to km method
  • 1 furlong = 0.201168 kilometers

Show Notes


  • If RSpec looks like your brain works, use it
  • Otherwise, use Minitest
  • Use what your team likes

Copyright: Jesse Wolgamott, MIT License (See LICENSE)

Introduction to Test Driven Design (TDD)

  • Area:

  • Runtime:

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    RSpec, MiniTest  
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    minitest rspec tdd  

Create a Miles to Kilometers calculator using test driven design (TDD). First, we use the RSpec syntax and cover both .should and expect().to syntaxes.

Then, we show the same process in MiniTest, and discover the two frameworks are not so different after all.

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