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Episode2 - Superfight

A Game engine with Fighters, turns, and Matches

Panda Level

  1. Read through the code when you start with
  2. Inside the Match when it is fighting, output the winner of each Turn using something like: do
  turn = ...
    if @opponent_a.strike == turn.winner
        puts "Opponent A  -- #{} -- won"
        puts "Opponent B  -- #{} -- won"

Tiger Level

  1. Instead of randomly selecting the winner of a turn, use the Move's ranking to determine a winner
  2. Refactor the code that determines which fighter won a round to make it easy:
def winner_for_round(turn, opponent_a, oppoenent_b)
  1. Create a Match.replay method that loops through the turns and outputs to the screen a listing of the turns and who won

Eagel level

  1. Strike vs Strike and Strike vs Block should let the higher rank win
  2. Block vs Block should pick a random winner

Copyright: Jesse Wolgamott, MIT License (See LICENSE)


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    RSpec, Mocking  
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    RSpec Mocking  

Create a boxing match using TDD. This ambitious episode showcases Test Driven Design, mocking, stubbing, and all the 'ings you can think of!

You end up creating a super-fight boxing match where you may win, but you'll be changed forever!

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