Creating Websites with Sinatra

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Episode 8 - The Web

Random Number generator. of COURSE we used twitter bootstrap

Panda Level

  1. Create a /about page with some information about you
  2. Link to the /about page in the layout
  3. Host it using a free webpage

Tiger Level

  1. In your About page, have it pick from a list of stuff YOU list
  2. The stuff should be an array of things in ruby, and each time you refresh, it should say something different about you
  3. Move the about page to the homepage

Eagle Level

  1. Copy the Choose Your Own Adventure code into this project
  2. let the user select their adventure and tell them if they died or not

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Creating Websites with Sinatra

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    sinatra, heroku, bootstrap  
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    heroku sinatra bootstrap  

Creating a website using Ruby and Sinatra, then hosting it for free on Heroku. Really cool stuff.

We use bootstrap to make the page look non-awful, and you'll add information about yourself.

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