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Episode 9 - Gems

Simple use of a gem created elsewhere.

Panda Level

  1. Create a gem named "about_#{username}" ... so mine would be "about_jwo"
  2. Create a Github repository and push your gem
  3. Edit this app to load your Gem
  4. Output some information about you (from the gem)

Tiger Level

  1. Instead of a console application, update this project to be a Sinatra App
  2. Create version 0.1.0 of your Gem
  3. Specify in your Sinatra Gemfile that you only want ~> 0.1

Eagle Level

  1. Implement the Episode 5 Adventure app as a gem
  2. Load the gem here

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Gems are reusable libraries for Ruby projects. Here you'll we create our your very own ruby gem! As someone pointed out, you can call yourself on a resume: "Gem creator and maintainer". Possibly your twitter status: "about-jwo core committer"

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